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Every unit is fully stocked with soap, toilet paper, paper towels, trash cans and trash bags!

For a Saturday Event, we typically deliver on Thursday/Friday and pickup Monday/Tuesday. If there are additional considerations, please discuss with us as we sometimes have to pick up a unit first thing the next morning. Delivery is rarely the day of the event and will be discussed prior. Final delivery time is scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance. Please let us know of any time constraints prior to this time so we have the information for scheduling.

Multi day events must be discussed prior to booking. We factor in the usage of all the days and advise on the best or unit schedule a servicing where we refresh the units to initial condition.

The spot does need to be fairly level. We are usually able to level out about 4-1/2 inches. The doors (passenger side) should be on the higher ground and we block the other side or the step becomes too large to get in.

Yes, we can deliver off of pavement/gravel! Our general rule is we can delivery to anywhere a two wheel drive car can drive to. Keep in mind, when delivering off solid ground, weather can affect if we can deliver to the preferred location. We have changed setup location based upon rain, wet/soft spots but have always been able to find a suitable spot!

We do not typically do site visits. If you feel your desired location is questionable, please discuss with us and send pictures/video for us to consider and schedule a site visit if needed.

Some units do need power and some do not. Please refer to the product pages for details on which units need power.

Our units need a dedicated 15 amp minimum circuit. It cannot be shared with anything else. We plug into a standared outlet (NEMA 5-15). Temporary power panels must be properly setup and Delivery driver may refuse to plug into unacceptable electrical setups. Driver may suggest alternate options or a generator.

We must be within 100ft of the setup location and we provide the cord. Even if other cords are provided, we cannot go farther due to voltage loss in the cord.

Generators can be used but must be sized accordingly. For small generators, they must be at least 3000watts and not shared with anything else. For larger generators, a 20 amp circuit must be dedicated to the restrooms and 3000watts of the total power be figured for usage.

Our generator is a quiet event generator. Guests don’t even notice it is there!

Our smaller units do not need water hookups and our larger units do not for smaller events but may for larger events. When scheduling, we will verify water hookups based upon particular needs and guest count.

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